PureSphera picks up and recycles refrigeration and air conditioning appliance, to destroy harmful gases and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The CFCs and Freon contained in cooling equipment increase global warming and destroy the ozone layer.
More than 85% of the gas in cooling coils and insulating foam in Quebec continues to be released into the atmosphere!
A single improperly recycled refrigerator generates as much pollution as a car driven 17,000 km in one year!
PureSphera has developed unique solutions to solve this problem. We are the only company in Canada that can capture halocarbons from insulating foam.

Recycle cold appliance and reduce GHG

PureSphera works in conjunction with municipalities, appliance retailers, refrigeration specialists, electrical utilities, as well as metal and automotive recyclers to eliminate halocarbons, improve energy efficiency and recover and reuse raw materials.

Our activities supported the first 100% Quebec transaction in the regulated carbon offset market.

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PureSphera has taken over the operations of Recyclage ÉcoSolutions, capitalizing on the excellent work of its employees, partners and customers to ensure a smooth transition.

CGIH project

In Bécancour, PureSphera is continuing rollout of the Centre de Gestion Intégrée des Halocarbures (CGIH), the only initiative of its kind in North America, which will create more than 70 jobs and investment of $7.4M.

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March 30, 2018

University of Manitoba visits PureSphera

On March 19th, PureSphera organized a visit of its recycling plant in Winnipeg for students from the University of Manitoba along with Manitoba Environmental Industries Association .  The comments from the students were all positive, and they learned something important about recycling in the community. 
February 26, 2018

Short video about our recycling process at Bécancour

Watch our technology and our team at work to recycle the cooling appliances and reduce GHG, 40-second video.