PureSphera is the only company in Canada providing integrated, optimal management of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, to reduce its environmental impact.

96% recycling of raw materials


PureSphera uses fully automated technology to separate materials and recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as high-quality plastic for our customers.


Our process can separate the heavy portion (mixed plastic) from the light portion (polyurethane foam). The light portion then undergoes advanced thermal desorption treatment to extract the refrigerants used as foaming agents and produce a purified polyurethane that is the preferred product for many applications.


Following the vacuum extraction process for refrigerants and hydrocarbons contained in the compressor and coil of refrigeration equipment, PureSphera distills the refrigerants dissolved in oil and captures these gases for destruction. This unique process decontaminates and qualifies the oil.

Halocarbon extraction and destruction

PureSphera extracts all the halocarbons, both those in the refrigeration system and those used as foaming agents in the polyurethane foam in refrigerators. While several of these halocarbons deplete the ozone, all contribute massively to global warming. PureSphera uses authorized sites in North America for safe destruction of halocarbons.

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Recovery through offset credits in the carbon market

Through spectacular reduction of the effects of refrigerants on ozone and global warming, due to an optimal extraction rate (> 96%) and outstanding destruction efficiency (> 99.9999%) of refrigerants, PureSphera produces very high quality carbon credits for local and international markets.

Our system tracks each appliance from ordering to the recovery process.

We compile many environmental performance indicators: treated waste materials, enhanced recovery, avoidance of GHG, convertible reductions, etc. The traceability of these indicators is essential to validation of the project, precise quantification of GHG reductions and resale of carbon credits in the WCI market.

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