January 26, 2018

Manitoba government at PureSphera’s plant

The Manitoba government was at PureSphera’s plant to announce the creation of Efficiency Manitoba and expand energy saving program.  Watch this video     January 24, 2018 PROVINCE LAUNCHES NEW CROWN CORPORATION – – – Efficiency Manitoba to Deliver Electricity, Natural Gas Programs and Services: Cullen The Manitoba government has proclaimed The Efficiency Manitoba Act, allowing for the launch of a new stand-alone Crown corporation that will deliver demand-side management of electricity and natural gas programs and services, Crown Services Minister Cliff Cullen announced today. “Efficiency Manitoba will offer households and businesses expanded energy saving programs that will help minimize […]
December 7, 2017

FreezPonsible certifications in Manitoba

PureSphera congratulates RM of Springfield, RM of Mountain and City of Steinbach for their FreezPonsible certification. This environmental program recycles refrigeration and cooling appliances and destroys the harmful gases contained within. Just one improperly recycled refrigerator produces as much pollution as a car driven 17,000 km in one year? When they reach the end of their useful life cycle, these cooling appliances become waste material. Most of the time, they end up in metal recycling, with no control over the gases involved. PureSphera is the only company in Canada providing 96% recycling of refrigerators. It’s the most effective approach to achieve […]
November 14, 2017

Made-in Manitoba Climate and Green Plan

The provincial government released its A Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan, which is built on the strategic pillars of climate, jobs, water and nature, and includes 16 keystones for priority action that will support Manitoba’s economy and sustain the environment for future generations. “Our vision is to make Manitoba the cleanest, greenest and most climate-resilient province in Canada,” said Premier Brian Pallister Pallister.  “We are charting that course with a comprehensive plan based on Manitoba needs and focused on Manitoba priorities.” The climate and green plan was developed through the direct input of Manitobans, drawing from more than a year of consultations with […]
December 2, 2016

Online voting for PureSphera at GreenTec Awards 2017

Take one minute to vote for PureSphera at GreenTec Awards 2017 in Berlin. You will find PureSphera in Recycling & Ressource category http://abstimmung.greentec-awards.com/?lang=en